Financial Counselling - Know your Debt Relief Options about Bankruptcy

Financial Counselling

At MGM Trustee we know your options for debt relief. From debt counselling to bankruptcy our team in Sydney NS can suggest a course of action that suits you and your financial needs. We can stop the harassment from creditors, reduce your stress and get you back on track.

When people are facing financial difficulties, there are various options that are available to relieve the stress and financial burden. The best solution depends on various factors unique to each individual’s personal and financial circumstances. Some of the options may include:

• Financial and budget counselling
• Informal arrangements
• Proposals (Consumer Proposal, Division I Proposal)
• Bankruptcy


Financial and Budget Counselling

MGM Trustee will help provide the necessary tools to help repair and strengthen the path to meeting your current obligations and future plans. The first steps in taking charge of your finances and reducing financial stress are:

• Identify problem areas and determining the cause of your financial difficulties
• Review income and expenses
• Explore the various types of budgeting tools
• Explore the benefits of budgeting and taking control of your money
• Identify ways of saving money today
• Set and achieve financial goals
• Build a budget for you and your financial needs
• Explore the benefits of a cash diet

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